How Much do they cost?
Always the first question we get asked. The answer depends upon the quantity and size of the tattoos. Four popular
sizes are 40 x 40mm, 40 x 50mm, 40 x 60mm, and 50 x 50 mm - Two square cards and two rectangular cards.
Is your design square or rectangular? It doesn't matter how many colours.
In the comments box include preferred size and quantity.
Price discounts at 1K 3K 6K 10K 25K 50K 100K etc

Where are you located?
You will find our names, business address and phone numbers on the contact page.  Would you deal with someone that has no name address or phone, think about it.

Why is your lead time approx 3 weeks and other businesses can supply in days?
These businesses that supply in days are using the DIY Paper that you can buy on this site and printing using a domestic printer on this paper. The difference is in the quality of the tattoo produced. They are unable to print white and unable to place adhesive only on the image, so when the tattoo is applied to the skin, a large square of clear adhesive can be seen around the tattoo.  They are also very shiny. Our tattoos are printed using a completetly different method.

Minimum Quantity?
STOCK DESIGNS:- For our range of in stock tattoos, the minimum is $20.
CUSTOM DESIGNS:- Minimum is 1000 of any size if we print tattoos using your design.

Are they safe?
Inks are nontoxic and approved safe by the FDA.  Ingredients are printed on the
reverse to comply with Australian regulations and approved under AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 Safety of Toys.
Certificate held our office.

Artwork format?
Artwork is to be emailed to us in a graphic format such as Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop, eps, cmx or a jpg file of at least 300dpi.
The image print area on each card is 3mm smaller than the card size all around. Example of 38 x 38mm below: 

Card 40 x 40mm Artwork Area 35x35mm
Card 40x50mm Artwork Area 35x45mm
Card 40x60mm Artwork Area 35x55mm
Card 50x50mm Artwork Area 45x45mm
Larger sizes available on request

 Payment for tattoos?
On larger orders we require 50% deposit and balance within 7 days of receipt. Smaller orders, payment in full with
the order

Freight Charges?
We normally use express post for ease of tracking for custom design tattoos. Delivery is free for custom designed
tattoos . For in-stock tattoos, the shopping cart will advise freight costs.

Lead time?
CUSTOM DESIGNED:-Allow 3 weeks from date of order and acceptance of artwork for custom designed tattoos.
STOCK DESIGNS:- will be despatched within 24 hours of receipt of payment, use shopping cart and secured page.
DIY PAPER:- Despatch within 24 hours.

How to apply?
Instructions are printed on the reverse of each tattoo. Remove the plastic film and place face down on skin.
Dampen back of tattoo with a sponge or wet cloth for approx. 30 seconds. Then gently remove the backing paper.
Pat dry carefully.

How to remove tattoo?
Tattoos are water resistant but may be removed by rubbing with baby oil or using sticky tape.

How long do they last?
Somewhere between 3 to 6 days, depending upon how much wear and tear the tattoo receives. Every person is

Most common sizes?
38 x 38 mm 38 x 51 mm 38 x 63 mm 51 x 51 mm

How many colours?
We can do as many colours as you like. Printing is straight from your artwork by 4 colour process. There is no
extra charge for printing white.

Colour variation?
Because the inks are vegetable based, there may be a slight colour variation from your artwork to the actual